The domination of the car, roads and carbon emissions is a worldwide problem. Active transport, based on walking and cycling, is increasingly seen as a solution. The benefits go way beyond individual health. This series of podcasts features transport planners, traffic engineers, community artists, car designers and public health researchers, arguing the economic, business, environmental, public and community health reasons to step away from the car. They were all speakers at the 2019 Australian Walking and Cycling Conference, where the interviews were recorded. Most of them drive cars, and walk, and cycle and catch public transport. So do the interviewer/producers Nicky Page and Suzanne Reece, from Radio Adelaide.

  1. Getting There Faster by Slowing Down – feat. Paul Tranter
  2. Urban Density Is Good for Us All – feat. Billie Giles-Corti
  3. Walkability Makes Economic Sense – feat. Alicia Holman & Daniel Osborne
  4. On NOT Re-Inventing the Wheel: What Australia Can Learn from Europe – feat. Jo Cruickshank
  5. Making the Bike Economy Work – feat. Daniels Langeberg
  6. ScRamble – feat. Bridgette Minuzzo
  7. Finally! Some Light in the Tunnels for Sydney’s Greenway – feat. Alexa McAuley
  8. Out of the Gridlock – feat. Nicholas Fogerty
  9. Zero Fatalities for Pedestrians and Cyclists – feat. Andrew van den Berg
  10. Everyone Can Ride a Bike Right – feat. Lee-Anne Fleming

If you would like your local community station to broadcast Step Away From the Car 2.0 it is easy to arrange. They can contact the Community Radio Network on 02 9310 2999 or to arrange secure download of broadcast ready files. More information is available at