The Australian Walking & Cycling Conference is coming to the Port Adelaide Town Hall on 24 & 25 October 2019

Port Adelaide is the maritime heartland of Adelaide, a waterside heritage precinct filled with colonial buildings, museums, galleries, pubs and restaurants perfect for exploring on foot. Just 14km by bicycle from the Adelaide CBD along the Outer Harbor Greenway.

The Port Adelaide Town Hall is located at 34 Nile St, Port Adelaide.

For more information on visiting Port Adelaide, go to

Acknowledgement of Country
The conference organisers would like to acknowledge that the land we meet on is the traditional lands of the Kaurna people. We respect their spiritual relationship with their Country. We also acknowledge the Kaurna people as the traditional custodians of the Adelaide region and that their cultural and heritage beliefs are still as important to the living Kaurna people today.

Conference theme: Active transport in a changing climate

We aspire to promote work which creates a transport mode shift away from cars towards walking and cycling, and using active means to link with improved public transport in suburbs and rural towns. We want to shift away from CO2 reliant mobility and keep people active as temperatures rise, and extreme weather becomes more common.

What can a transport mode shift in our suburbs and rural towns contribute to CO2 reduction nationally? What concomitant air quality benefits are felt in suburban streets and towns as a result? Acknowledging that climate change is occurring, what changes are to be made to suburban and town environments so that walking and cycling are almost always convenient, pleasurable, safe and life affirming even in the face of rising temperatures? What does a small town or suburban neighbourhood retrofit look like in the next ten or twenty years, so that people are out and about and interacting? How do people of all ages and abilities avoid retreating to air-conditioned ‘comfort’ – ‘comfort’ that is inactive, isolated and CO2 producing?

These questions indicate the directions we hope to explore in the 2019 conference.

Conference vision
The simple acts of walking and cycling have the potential to transform the places we live, our economies and how we engage with our environment. The Australian Walking and Cycling conference explores the potential for walking and cycling to not only provide for transport and recreation but solutions to challenges of liveability, health, community building, economic development and sustainability. As one of Australia’s longest running, best regarded and most affordable active travel conferences, we bring together practitioners and researchers from Australia and across the world to share their work and engage with conference participants.

Who should attend the Australian Walking and Cycling Conference?
We welcome a diverse range of professions – town and country planners, transport planners, policy makers, population health experts, mobility technicians, health promotion professionals and futurists.

We also welcome activists, advocates and change agents. People who want to build better cities and towns and who want to share their vision and their evidence. People from Australia, New Zealand or from across the globe.

Our reputation
We have a positive and sustained reputation. All our conferences are evaluated by those attending. What we know clearly is that our reputation is founded in supporting people to provide quality presentations. In addition we provide structure for lots of purposeful interaction and networking. We provide active conferences, with diverse presentation possibilities and we have fun!

History of the Australian Walking and Cycling Conference.
The University of South Australia kicked off the forerunner conferences in 2000 with the advent of the ICU Tour Down Under in Adelaide. These UniSA Conferences were run during the week of the TDU.

After some years, the University of Adelaide took over what became the Australian Cycling Conference. However University hosted, academic style conferences during this major international sports cycling event proved not to be a sustainable match. When the University of Adelaide dropped the Conference in 2010 a committee of volunteers decided to organise the conference, flex up the presentation options, broaden the interest base and move into a time of the year, more conducive to the conference market.

We are well governed, effective and efficient Conference. The organisation is a legally incorporated body and holds an annual general meeting each August.

One of Australia’s longest running, best regarded and most affordable active travel conferences.